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Answers to your common questions

Can we use our own handyman?
Yes, however he must be licensed and insured, naming Principle Properties, Inc. as additional insured. He must also complete a contractors agreement and abide by our rules in dealing with entry and tenants.

Do you charge extra for coordinating maintenance or getting a unit ready for rental?
No, this is part of the service we provide to you and is included in the management fees. Principle Properties, Inc. uses only licensed and insured contractors for the Owners protection.

How do you handle maintenance requests?
Non-emergency maintenance requests must be made in writing. This protects all parties as it puts a date stamp on the request and can be tracked. It also prevents frivolous requests. We offer the tenant a portal by means to do so. As soon as the tenant submits "enter" the requests gets emailed to the contractor, thus speeding up our response time. We use a 24/7 call center to handle after hour emergency calls.

How do you handle the accounting and reporting to owners?
Our collection and distribution of rents is a vital part of our service to you. We pride ourselves on getting rent checks out to our owner’s by the tenth of the month via automated deposit. We have comprehensive easy to understand monthly statement we email that includes copies of any invoices deducted. Our year end reporting includes a summary statement which makes tax preparation easy for our owner’s as well as a 1099.

How much will my house rent for?
It depends. A number of factors are involved, not just the number of bedrooms and baths. The time of year, the rental market, current mortgage interest rates, school districts, age of home, amenities, etc. all play key factors of what you might expect to receive. We will assist you with a free market analysis to determine the best rental rate for the market conditions.

Should I allow pets?
This is a tough one, and there are many angles to consider. Statistically, tenants with four legged family members rent longer and an added pet deposit can offset any damages that may occur. Some opinions are if the Tenant wants a pet, they will sneak one in anyways, and at least you can approve the pet in advance and get an additional deposit. With that said, we suggest putting a limit on the number of pets, weight and restrict against vicious breeds.

What areas do you service?
In sales, we can list and sell anywhere in Georgia. In property management, we are currently servicing Barrow, Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson and Oconee Counties.

What types of properties will you manage?
We specialize in Tenantial single family homes, however, if you have a special situation, please ask.

Why must the house be re-keyed and why that expense passed on to the owner?
Every unit managed by Principle Properties, Inc. is re-keyed at the end of the turnover at the expense of the Owner. After a tenant moves out, how can the manager or owner be 100% sure that there is not an extra set of keys to the unit floating around. If the unit was not re-keyed and the house is robbed or worse something happens to the tenant, what kind of lawsuit and liability would the owner and manger have? So rekey your units it is a small cost in the long run. This is just an inherent cost to owning property.

Why must the utilities remain on during marketing?
Well, to just name a few reasons:
  • The property cannot be properly cleaned or touched up
  • Toilets cannot be flushed (and yes, they will be used, even if the water is not turned on)
  • The house starts to smell musty with no air flow and no way to clean
  • It is harder to show a house in the dark and rooms with no windows such as hall baths cannot be seen
  • Liability issues related to “constructive eviction”, while rare, could occur in the event a house is rented without the utilities on.

Why will Principle Properties not take a listing before it is Rent Ready?
We have learned over the years that
  • People cannot “get passed” someone else's dirt, even with promise to clean.
  • People cannot visualize before and after scenarios. For example, fresh paint, or how clean the carpet will actually come out.
  • People think if a yard isn’t mowed that it must be difficult for some reason.
  • A property has its best potential to rent when it is first put on the market. Momentum is lost if the property is not ready or those who do see it have the above described concerns.
  • Advertising costs is very expensive, as much or more as if the house was being sold.

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