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Tenant Qualifications

We are pleased that you are considering applying for one of our rental properties! Please take a moment to review our criteria for application approval. Click on the blue subject areas below to learn more.

Rental Application +

Rental applications can be found on the detail page of the rental listing. Simply click on Apply Now and follow the steps to complete the application process, keeping in mind that payment must be included or application will not be processed.

Rental Application Fee +

The application fee is non-refundable for any reason once submitted so be sure to read criteria before submitting. The application fee is $50 per person and every adult occupying the property, regardless of income must make application. Further, it is understood that this property is being leased "AS IS" in its present condition. Any concessions, improvements or lease contingencies must be made in writing at the time application is submitted. Keep in mind that your application may be approved, but not your contingencies.

Reservation Fee +

Principle Properties Inc. agrees to take the property "off the market" once the application is approved, lease signed by tenant and a Reservation Fee in the amount equal to one month's rent paid. The Reservation Fee must be paid within than 24 hours of lease signing or the house will continued to be marketed for rent. An online payment source will be made available following your rental application approval notification. The Reservation Fee will be applied to all monies due on the day of move-in (Rent, Pet Fees, if any, Security Deposit). It is agreed to by the parties that for any reason should the Applicant not move-in, this Reservation Fee is not a penalty, but is a good faith estimate of the Landlord's actual damages due to Applicant's inability to take possession of the property and honor the lease, the specific amount for which said damages are difficult to ascertain. The reservation fee is NOT the security deposit and that the security deposit will be charged to the Applicant after completing the "move-in" inspection.

Pets +

Owners reserve the right to allow or set limitations and/or restrictions on any pets. Pets are subject to pet rent and/or pet deposit. A pet application of $20.00 will be required, and the pet must be fully vetted. Additionally, applicants should have a 620 or higher credit score as rated by Experian for pet approval. We fully comply with Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal requirements and no application fee is required.

Any pet considered violent or vicious will not be accepted. The following list are examples, but not conclusive, of unacceptable breeds: Doberman Pinscher, Great Danes, Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Akita, Chow Chow, German Shepherd, Pit Bulls (American Standard Terrier or any similar variation), Presa Canario, Huskies, Saint Bernard, Malamutes, Rottweiler or any mixed breed dog that contain one of the preceding breeds, and/or any dog (regardless of Breed) that have been in a biting incident.

Please note: Any application that is found to be falsifying information regarding service animals, emotional support animals and/or pets, will be declined.

Needed Documentation +

In addition to a completed rental application, we will need the following information which can be upload during the application process itself or email it to admin@principlehomes.net after the application is submitted:

  • Copy of government issued photo ID;
  • Last two paycheck stubs showing year-to-date income. Alternative forms of provable income are acceptable like bank statements showing direct deposit from a guaranteed and specific source, however, self-employed applicants should provide two years income statements).
  • Feel free to upload any information that you would like us to review or to be considered. You may write a personal letter of explanation if you want us to consider an extenuating circumstance.
  • You may also be asked for other supporting documentation. Some examples:
    • Court ordered child support
    • Authorization to release information for rental verification.

Criteria +

We consider the following criteria when considering an application: credit, criminal income and rental or mortgage payment history. The information provided from these sources will be entered into a rental processing report which assists in determining the eligibility of the applicant.

Credit is not considered by score alone. Open bankruptcies will be grounds for denied application. The applicant should have at least three credit line roughly two years in history or higher. Applicant will need more positive credit ratings than negative, and collections from utilities will have to be paid prior to approval. Medical bills in collection are taken into consideration when unexpected life-altering health issues have arisen. (Small, routine doctor bills are considered).

Proof of Income. You may supply the last two paycheck stubs showing year to date income. We understand not everyone gets a standard paycheck. We will consider alternative incomes as long as they can be verified and sustainable. For example, Social Security direct deposits. We happily consider all provable income, but you must supply evidence. Keep in mind that your monthly debt obligations will also be considered against that income. Self employed persons shall provide two years full tax returns and at least 6 months bank statement; bank statements alone are not sufficient evidence

Rental History or Mortgage Payment History. We are looking for two solid years of on-time payment history for either rental history or mortgage payment history from arms length transactions (not relatives). Cosigners will be invited on a case by case basis. The occupant of the house must be on the Lease and therefore must "almost" qualify. Cosigners application fee applies and they must reside in the state of Georgia. Previous evictions or outstanding balances will be grounds for denial.

Criminal background check will be performed. Any applicant or household member who has had a conviction or pending charge of a felony crime, or misdemeanor charge involving any of the following: where gambling, engaging in prostitution, possession, consumption, manufacturing and/or distribution of any illegal or controlled substances, or crimes against persons or property, including sexual offenses, will be declined. Any charge, whether convicted or not, where violent acts or threats against landlord, neighbors, or domestic violence issues will also not be considered.

Your personal situation may not be described here, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss.

Other Requirements +

Insurance: You will be asked to purchase renters insurance to include Principle Properties, Inc. as additional insured and liability coverage to include a minimum $250k coverage. A copy will be required prior to move-in. Let us know if you need a list of companies that will add the management company as additional insured.

Email address and internet services: Residents shall pay all monies owed through their online tenant portal. We do not accept cash or payments at the office.

Principle Properties, Inc. is the Agent for the Owner and will be paid a fee(s) by the Owner. Where Principle Properties, Inc. is also managing the Property for the Owner, rent is collected by automated draft each and every month (ACH) on the first day of the month.

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